TITAN Frac Fibre

Durable and erosion resistant for the most extreme conditions

TITAN® Fibre – Don’t Frac Without It.

The most rugged fibre offered on the market today – designed for high velocity frac operations, and extreme downhole conditions.

FCS wanted to offer a product to clients that we stand by for extreme conditions. With a multitude of designs on the market, not all are suitable for frac operations. Sub-optimal product is available in order to lower cost on a fibre completion….usually with poor or limited encapsulation.

The TITAN® fibre is a proprietary flatpack designed by Completion Engineers who understand the harsh downhole environment, and the need for a product that can withstand the high erosion environment.

All TITAN® fibre cable is run as a flatpack design with dual steel bumpers, which allows for increased rigidity and durability when running the cable to bottom.

Within the flatpack, up to 7 fibres can be run for both distributed acoustic sensing and distributed temperature sensing, including PT gauges. The TITAN® is also offered as a slimhole version, for tight tolerance wellbores, offered in a 1/8″ design.

FCS works with competent fibre optic installation contractors, ensuring the cable remains intact prior to the start of operations.

All fibre is manufactured within North America and adheres to all required ANSI/ASTM standards.

You only get one opportunity – make the right choice and run TITAN®.

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