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At Fibre Completion Services, we offer a packaged solution for fibre-optic permanent installations, from design to project execution.

Focus on the operation and hire an expert for your fibre completion.


What We Do

Fibre Design & Installation

Critical to the longevity of the fibre, many aspects must be considered prior to the installation.

FCS works as a fibre optic installation company, and design service provider. We consider all aspects of the planning, ensuring you have a successful operation.

Perforating & Cluster Design

An optimized completion strategy doesn’t mean adding more holes and clusters to a stage.

To optimize fluid distribution, pressure differentials must be considered, in conjunction with predicted frac pressures and rates.

Fibre Mapping

Specialized logging tools are required in order to determine the orientation of your fibre.

FCS will assist with the mapping of the fibre, and determine which orientation the perforations should be placed.

Orientated Perforating

0 degree phasing perforating is required with a fibre completion.

Based on the results of fibre mapping, guns will be orientated to the correct orientation, and verified by FCS prior to running them.

Fibre Failure Prevention

Fibre optic installation companies must consider many factors when determining if the fibre may be at risk for damage.

We consider cement bond, downhole velocities, frac design, tonnage and rates prior to and during operations.

On-Site Support

Onsite Supervision is recommended for both the install and stimulation.

Fibre run-in, perforating orientation verification and frac erosional risk determination are all offered for your completion.


Fibre Optics

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)

Fibre cable used as a single sensor for the length of the wellbore. Acoustic signals are detected along the fibre – allowing the operator to better understand where the fracture treatment is being delivered.

Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)

Fibre cable is used to measure temperature along the length of the wellbore, providing a continuous temperature profile. Typically used in conjuction with DAS for confirmation of fluid movements and wellbore warm-back. 

Partnering With The Best

To achieve the most advanced design and service in the market, FCS has proudly partnered with Optasense, the industry leader in acoustic sensing technology.

As a fibre installation company, product supplier, design provider and partnership with the leading monitoring service – we offer the industry the most advanced solution for product AND Service.


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A Complete Solution

Bundled services are not new to the industry – but it is for fibre optic installation companies. We saw the need for the service – you don’t know what you don’t know. Spend your time planning the operation, while we minimize the risk for your fibre install and completion. 

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Why Hire FCS?

Fibre-optics is a niche technology, and requires specialized knowledge to run it.

Many service companies can offer you equipment – but is it right for your operation? We offer you the expertise needed to plan a successful operationprotect your fibre and minimize the risk.

As a fibre-optic installation company we offer the expertise for installation services, product and full cycle completion planning and execution.

We fill the gap between fibre selection and completing the well – trust in our experience to ensure you have a successful outcome.

packaged solution

Minimize the time spent engineering a design, and reduce the risk to your operations.


EVERY OPERATION IS DIFFERENT. MOST fibre optic installation companies have faced challenges.WE’VE LEARNED FROM our challenges AND APPLY THOSE LESSONS TO EVERY JOB.


We believe in fibre technology – and want you to succeed. The data set you collect will ultimately allow you to optimize your completions.

risk management

Protecting your fibre from perforating and frac operations is critical. We reduce the risk – let us show you how.


Fibre-optics knowledge is only part of the equation for your project. We offer years of Completions experience, which is needed to execute an operation that is both successful, and cost effective.

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