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Fibre Completion Services

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Fibre Completion Services was founded on the need for completions expertise in the emerging fibre-optic systems market for the oil and gas sector. We wanted to fill the gap that was present – providing a solution to operators for product selection, fibre-optic installation, service and risk management.

What makes FCS unique is that we understand completions and fiber optic systems. With years of experience running large scale completion operations in both conventional and tight gas, we offer expertise with both fiber optic distributed temperature sensing systems and fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing that others can’t.

Fibre-optic systems are a high cost, high risk operation. Don’t take the chance, hire a dedicated company that wants you to succeed.

Fibre Design and Selection

Perforating and Cluster Design

Fibre Logging and Mapping

Orientated Perforating

Fibre Failure Prevention

Onsite Support and Supervision


Why Choose Us

Fibre optic systems are a niche technology, and require specialized knowledge to run it. 

Many service companies can offer you equipment – but is it right for your operation? We offer you the capability needed to successfully plan all your fiber optic systems, including fiber optic distributed temperature sensing systems. We will protect your fiber optic system and minimize your risk.

We fill the gap between fibre selection and completing the well – trust in our experience to ensure you have a successful outcome.

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